This portfolio presents a selection of the work accomplished during Jeanne Le-Roy-Levy four years education in Fashion Design. She graduated in 2013 with a top mark for her Diploma project, South India.



Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.

Alexander Wang



The purpose of my diploma work was to create a masculine, artistic and contemporary outfit inspired by South India.

I played with the constant oscillation of India between sobriety and rich decor, destitution and sumptuosity. It results an outfit reflecting a vibrant and adventurous man, led by a curious, spontanous and free mind.

Shirt: calico // Pants & Hat: hand printed calico patchwork // Scarf: hand dyied & embroidered calico // Espadrille: hand embroidered

April 2013



A class trip to Stockholm was the starting point for the elaboration of an outfit including jacket and pants,
I’ve been freely inspired by my own feelings and pictures I collected during this summer week to imagine and create a perfect stockholmer winter outfit.

Jacket: blend gabardine, wool felt lining // Pants: cotton jersey and rayon chiffon // Tee: bamboo jersey

October 2012



Leather, vest, simplicity. Three words given by our workshop teacher as a direction to follow. Instantly, adventures came to my mind. The wonderful sensation of nature imensity, the desire to get lost in the right direction, the feeling of being rooted nowhere but where your heart may lead. The creation is my own nomadic interpretation of leather touch.

Vest: Suede leather // Buttondown shirt: cotton poplin

September 2012


"To see through". We had to use some elements of a classic buttondown shirt to create a personal interpretation in a transparent fabric.
I realized a tunique expressing the fragility transparency can bring, as much as the boldness it requires. I wanted it an ethnical metaphor of youth sensibility and complexity.

Tunique: cotton voile // Tube dress: elastan knit

February 2012



In spite of my little knowledge at this time, I chose to create my own bridal gown in order to make it very personal and a reflection of my  state of mind for this special day. My main inspiration has been the twenties and the jazz age. Simple but delicate. Fluidity in movements. Natural and elegant.

Dress: Morrocan silk crepe and cotton tulle // (Heels: Lele PyP)

July 2010



A randomly bought striped fabric of cotton and silk had been the starting point of that mid-season jacket. Inspired by a stormy but warm day of early summer I developped an outfit based on that cropped jacket.

Jacket: cotton twill, leather details, blend of cotton and silk lining // Shirt: cotton jersey // Shorts: cotton twill

May 2012



A classic outfit originally created for a bridesmaid. Inspired by an androgyn silhouette for a romantic occasion. Elegant but neutral.

Shirt: morrocan silk crepe // Pants: Pure wool fresco

September 2011


A parka interpretation in bold colors. Especially designed for special happiness during grey and rainy days.

Parka: cotton serge // Tank top: cotton chiffon

June 2012


First skirt ever. Thunder inspired. Basic tee cut and transformed into a fringed scarf integrated tube top.

Skirt: Denim, quilted details // Top: cotton jersey

September 2011


A close friend of mine ask me for a bridal gown. 8 months pregnant at her wedding day. The result is a punky romantic mini dress and a very radiant bride!

Dress: silk and lycra satin combined with silk jersey

August 2012



winter 2009 to summer 2013 selection

Photographer - Raphaël Piguet
Models - Nathanaël Girelli & Antonia Orha
Clothes creations, drawings & sketchbook, mood boards, graphism & texts - Jeanne Le-Roy-Levy


except for the "VISUAL DIARY" section, all texts and images are the exclusive propriety of

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