Through the collection - altitude - , Jeanne Le-Roy-Levy sets up the purpose of her creative work for Boldminded Apparel. That is to offer bold, sharp but easily wearable and accessible design clothes to an audience of active living, free and curious adventurers.


Entirely handcrafted, from leather bag to handdyied silk pattern, this first collection intends to expose the designer skills, interests and creativity. The collection - altitude - is composed of an array of streetwear silhouettes, inspired by snowy peaks, sharp rocks pattern, dark green firtrees heights, wrapped in the mist, still deeply rooted in an urban environment.

Clothes creations - Jeanne Le-Roy-Levy
Models - Paul-Emile Desaulles, Roxanne Schildknecht, Etienne Desaulles, Simon Jodry, Julia Periraz

Photographer - Anne-Camille Vaucher

Music - VERVEINE Premier (FLEXFAB remix)



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